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I fall asleep within 15 minutes of eating anything. I have Fibromyalgia, Gastroparesis and Chronic Pain. This added to all of that is just totally annoying. My family Dr. has checked my glucose levels, but she checked them 4 hours after I had eaten and they were normal. My Gastro Dr. just checked my Pancreas a few days ago for Pancreatitis, and I haven't heard yet.

But, I'm going to be working for a friends company starting today, and I am so upset.....
I CAN'T FALL ASLEEP ALL DAY !! And I need to work, I have bills to pay.
And my Social Security Disability has already been denied twice, and I'm enroute to the Attorney Way. It's hard enough to work being on 12 prescriptions a day, and Dr's adding more each day it seems.

But, now, the only way to "not fall asleep" is to "NOT EAT' (which even means) not taking my meds. This even happens if I take my meds. But, if I don't take anything and keep an empty stomach, then my Gastroparesis kicks in, and my stomach locks up. It's a freakin Catch 22. Grrrrrr

And, my family Dr. referred me to an Endocrinologist yesterday, which I would think was an Urgent Matter.....
They can get me in in a MONTH!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I HAVE TO WAIT 30 MORE DAYS LIKE THIS?? Just to go in for a complete Glucose Blood Work-up?

Helppppp !!
Can someone tell me, if you have this....whatever I have....and what I should eat first thing in the morning or during the day to stop this in the mean time?? Please.

My normal breakfast routine has always been coffee with flavored creamer and 2 pop-tarts and has been forever !! What happened?

Thank you

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I also have Fibro and the falling asleep after eating problem (with a host of other ailments as well) - also on a ton of meds - Methadone, Baclofen, cymbalta, lyrica, Prilosec, Miralax, just to name a few...

In my case, I am beginning to believe that it may be narcolepsy. However, from what I gather, Sleep apnea or Hypoglycemia are also possible culprits of this problem.

Try eating Yogurt, Milk, and eggs/bacon/sausage for breakfast, and snack on nuts, veggies and salad for lunch. This does tend to help some. You want to avoid the sugars and carbs. Those both will contribute to the problem. and poptarts are a double whammy for that.

I hope this helps.

Is this good advice?

"My normal breakfast routine has always been coffee with flavored creamer and 2 pop-tarts and has been forever !! What happened?" ... your body said enough is enough : } I was diagnosed w/ gestational diabetes in 2006 at the end of the pregnancy and then again in 2007 during another pregnancy (my 7th), but then it showed back up as diabetes not long after that and keeps sticking around. It's sticking around because I haven't lost the weight!!

...That all being said I have the same problem w/ falling asleep after I eat (some times even if I eat a correct diabetic meal) and it really interrupts my life. I some days just don't eat if I know I have something I need to do ... just determine mostly that I am not hungry, but then I make it worse w/ this plan.

All I can suggest is to eat a diabetic friendly meal and try to get up right after you eat and go for a walk in the yard or down the street... kind of gets the food moving through your body quicker.

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