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Hyperthyroidism Support Community Discussions

Weight Confusion

Started by blueeysx2 2 years 44 weeks ago

From Hyperthyroidism to Hypothroidism in a month?!

Started by ziplockkisses 2 years 47 weeks ago


Started by Karma 2 years 46 weeks ago

Shared symptoms

Started by punkyb 2 years 47 weeks ago

Lower abdominal bulging

Started by pushpa 2 years 47 weeks ago

TSH level of 15!

Started by ralphjeanlopez1 2 years 48 weeks ago

Help me diagnose my problem

Started by Sadia 2 years 49 weeks ago

what i am trying

Started by kildoro 3 years 1 day ago

Just dx'ed- meds making me sick

Started by Mariposa 3 years 3 weeks ago

Convinced I have Thyroid problem, but normal tests.

Started by SickofbeingSick 3 years 12 weeks ago

please help

Started by jeffers 3 years 3 weeks ago

Sometimes patients are simply misdiagnosed,delayed diagnosed

Started by Peabody's Cow 3 years 5 weeks ago

what is wrong with me?

Started by LeonaWilde 3 years 9 weeks ago

Radioactive therapy for hyperthyroidism

Started by Blacbeauty. 3 years 18 weeks ago

Legs swelling

Started by tamale 3 years 29 weeks ago

look like I'm loosing but scale says I am gaining!

Started by alie 4 years 27 weeks ago

Confusing Symptoms of hypo and hyperthyroidism

Started by Kayla1990 3 years 20 weeks ago

thyroid profile

Started by Parag14195 3 years 22 weeks ago

synthroid vs generic

Started by Marya 3 years 22 weeks ago

Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism

Started by Victor291 3 years 23 weeks ago

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