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Hyperthyroidism Support Community Discussions

searching for answers

Started by whythy 11 years 48 weeks ago

I need my life back

Started by Itsjustme 10 years 4 weeks ago

Graves Disease

Started by Catwoman 12 years 6 hours ago

My daughter has a hyperthyroid per her TSH levels

Started by VAL76 11 years 45 weeks ago


Started by mizzdivalious1 8 years 34 weeks ago


Started by precious22 8 years 38 weeks ago

Looking for personal explanation between hypo/hyper thy.

Started by Rio 8 years 36 weeks ago

Mental symptons of hyperthyroidism,what to do about them?

Started by RoseataPinkadeux 8 years 40 weeks ago

hyperthyroidism and mood changes

Started by deborah0206 8 years 44 weeks ago

someone please help me :(

Started by rach7612 9 years 38 weeks ago

Newbie here

Started by Heather76 9 years 2 weeks ago

Need help unpuzzling my contradictory (?) thyroid results...

Started by Princesca 8 years 47 weeks ago


Started by shezz 8 years 48 weeks ago

hypherthyroidism medicine

Started by georgepng 8 years 49 weeks ago

hello, really need some advice

Started by Jan87 9 years 7 weeks ago

Need some advice ..!!!!

Started by kimmie4520 10 years 22 weeks ago

Not sure what this is and how to get a proper diagnosis but...

Started by kceutsta 9 years 12 weeks ago

Hyperthyroid help

Started by AussieAndrew 9 years 1 week ago

Thyroid Surgery..

Started by twoscorpiobabies 9 years 3 weeks ago