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Posted in: Hyperthyroidism.

Mental symptons of hyperthyroidism,what to do about them?

From: RoseataPinkadeux - 8 years 40 weeks ago

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and more of the mental symptoms than the bodily ones. For starters I have extreme apathy and nothing is interesting anymore, most of my curiosity is gone and I struggle at university, where I am currently in academic probation because i failed too many classes. There's also depression and weird obsessions like for example I have been wearing pink for a whole week and refuse to wear any other color when I have never even like pink that much. There's this guy I met on the internet and I can't stop watching his picture everyday, obsessions come and go and I can't concentrate much on the real life matters...

Also I can't feel attacked to guys or fall in love anymore, it is really frustrating...
I'm irritable,bitter with anger outburst and everyone annoys me and i feel like im going to start a fight with them at any time. When i do even the slightest exercise I get suffocated quick.

My tsh levels are: 0.05 but my t3 and t4 are actually fine and im taking methymazole 10mg a day, yet this pill doesn't take away this mental symptoms I talked about above, I want my interest to come back again, do any of you have these symptoms, what can i do to make it all better?

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Is this good advice?

I have the same problem. My relationship is over because of it :(. I hope we both find the answer