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Posted in: Hyperthyroidism.

hello, really need some advice

From: Jan87 - 9 years 7 weeks ago

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2008.
I was 48 then. My doctor at the time was very good but he moved to Canada
The doctors I see now, think fibromyalgia is stress related and are not very helpful.
I have had to push for a lot of tests to have. I get a lot of viruses and anything that's going
Around as well. Last may I started having seizures that's how they seemed to be. My speech
Was very slurry and collapsed and my muscles went very week. I was having these episodes
A few times a week. I have insomnia and the neurologist put it down to that and did one
test an EEG which was normal and just said due to lack of sleep this type of thing can happen.
It went a few months later.
The last couple of months I have had palapations quite bad, the doctor did an ECG which was normal
and a echo which was normal. I had a 48 hour tape done and I am still waiting for the results this was done before
Easter. She did a 24 urine test and said this will be normal as nothing to worry about, it came back though with
With high adrenaline levels. She said she wrote a letter to a endocrinologist and I have an appointment the middle of June.i don't feel that well, whenever I do anything my heart races and I have palapations every day. I have told my doctor this but she said you will get seen blood pressure shot up a few months ago as I went very dizzy and had to go to hospital, I had virtego I didnt know what it was but it took them awhile to get my blood pressure down.i then had a home blood pressure monitor to do at home for a week and it was high at the start but she said altogether it was normal. I have just had, liver, kidneys, sugar and calcium blood test done and she said I have very low vitamin D and my kidneys are not filtering right. When I asked for more info she said she is only a doctor and I have to see the consultant. I just need to know what is going on and if anyone on here knows what is going on with me.
Thank you

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