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mild hyperthyroid tsh level is .46

From: emilys61410 - 8 years 38 weeks ago

I have a mild hyperthyroid with the tsh level .46 How good are bad is that. What exactly does it mean? I don't know much info on thyroid problems so all info would be great. Thank you!

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You really need to see a doctor who can look at your T4 T3 and TSH. Apparently the T4 and T3 are very important. I would also go by the symptoms you are having and tell the doctor this as well. I am on thyroid medication (levothyroxine) and I am a bit more hyperthyroid then hypo though my labs are all within range. Since the symptoms are not really bad we are staying at this dose because of other issues regarding fatigue and joint and muscle pain. Every person is different and a TSH at .46 (along with the other numbers for T4 and T3) might react differently with my body then the same labs would for yours. Best to check with your doctor.