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Confusing past & current TSH and T4

From: seb13 - 9 years 19 weeks ago

In 2008 I had the following lab values:
TSH 7.65 (normal range = 0.5-4.3)
T4 13.2 (normal range = 4.5-12.4)
T3 180 (normal)
T3 Uptake 22% (normal)
Free T4 Index 2.9 (normal)

I was not informed that there was anything abnormal with these values (I go to a student health clinic at my college that tends to be sub-par care). Lately I've been feeling extremely fatigued with headaches, muscle weakness, and very brittle fingernails. I went back and discussed this with a nurse practioner (again at the student health center) and she ordered a new TSH...which came back normal at 3.18. She apparently did not order a T4 so I don't have that value.

I just don't know if I should continue pursuing this or if I should just let it be. My grandfather has Graves' disease and had his thyroid mostly removed. But with a normal TSH value it seems like there's no reason to keep pushing this. What would you do?

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Is this good advice?

You sound fine to me. Student says everything....probably had a virus that messed with your numbers the first time and it could be the cause of headaches and muscle weakness etc. Brittle nails (winter, poor diet, esp. at school). Wait and a blood test once a year just to be safe.