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My thyroid levels have been showing an "overactive thyroid" since I was 16, but my PCP never looked into it any further and just told me that I had an overactive thyroid. I now have a new doctor that looked into it further and found that I have 7 small thyroid nodules, not big enough to do anything about though. I am 25 years old now and have been trying to get pregnant for almost 4 years now. I just went to see an endocrinologist a few weeks ago because my levels have been showing hyperthyroid, I haven't been able to get pregnant, I have anxiety, depression, hot flashes, night sweats, chills, I am either sweating like crazy b/c I am hot or feel like I am freezing to death, I have palpitations and a slight tremor and my PCP thinks that my thyroid is the cause for everything. I recently had an uptake scan and was told I definitely have hyperthyroidism. When I went to hear those results I was basically told I had 2 options 1) the radioiodine- which is what they say is the treatment that they prefer and 2) having my thyroid removed. Then they told me that surgery was not an option b/c my levels were still considered clinical (i think thats the word they used) and that it would be hard to find a surgeon to operate on me (which is what I had decided I wanted to do) so now my choices are PTU and the radioiodine. With the radioiodine I was told that I couldnt try to get pregnant for a whole year and with the PTU they said it could take anywhere from 6 months to several years! I have already waited 4 years and really don't want to wait any longer (i was getting ready to do the gonadotropin shots to see if they would help me get pregnant) but I am just so lost! I have no idea what to do, I don't really want to do either of those treatments b/c of the wait for trying to get pregnant, but I am just soo confused!! I don't know if anyone else is in the same situation as me or has any advice or has already been through this, but if so please let me know!! Anything will help and I would really appreciate it!! I feel so lost and frustrated!

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Is this good advice?

hi there I am 23 years old and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism earlier this year I have a 2 year old and really

Is this good advice?

hi there I am 23 years old and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism earlier this year. I have a 2 year old and really wanted to try for another baby that way they wouldn't be too far apart I too was told not to get pregnant bc I am on methimazole and propranololo. I did research and found that its safe to get pregnant while on PTU I to went to an endocrinologist and she said if I wanted to do radioactive iodine I couldn't get pregnant for a year and I could end up getting hypothyroidism (which I found its harder to get pregnant w this) so I am going to start the PTU and hopefully get lucky. I was wondering what did. you end up doing? if you decided w meds or radioactive iodine, or if you had success getting pregnant?

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