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Diagnosis: Hyperthyroidism..It's killing me

From: Kiwistyle - 9 years 21 weeks ago

I am new here. One year ago I was a productive member of society. I went to the Dr because I felt awful. I sweat the minute I exert or get off the couch to do anything. I have chest pains, fatigue and oh so tired, just incredibly tired. My GP did the entire Thyroid thing and it was discovered I have Multi Nodules and have had a FNA so no cancer. I have a feeling of a huge lump in my throat which causes me to constantly burp. I bend my neck and I start coughing and choking. My heart races when I sweat and sometimes I can barely make it to the couch before I fall asleep. I sleep eight-nine hours and feel like I have not slept a wink. My TSH is .034 but my T3 and T4 is normal towards the high end. I have been to two very qualified Endocrinologists and both say these symptoms are nothing to do with the Hyperthyroid or to the 2.3cm large nodule with several smaller nodules. I am so tired of living this way and am having to give up my business because of extreme fatigue and the incredible sweating and tiredness. I go in and out of depression with this. I have one good normal day and four crappy days. If this is not part of Hyperthyroidism then what is it. Someone please help me because these Dr's think I am a hypochondriac. Never mind that I have not seen a Dr. in 20 years outside of normal checkups.

Sandi S.

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There is a great book called "what you think of me is none of my business". I realize this is four years later and hope that you have come to some conclusion. However, I also start sweating and get a low-grade temperature when I exert myself. I am 44 and last year was finally diagnosed with an immune deficiency that I was born with! A few months ago I was finally tested for Hashimoto's after I requested the tests....And last month, I had my first thyroid ultrasound( again at my request )my thyroid is atrophied with a nodule. Keep in mind, I was diagnosed hypothyroid at age 19. It's absolutely frustrating-I'm still looking for answers. There are so many things for doctors to know and so many things they don't know....and then those who seem not to understand how uncomfortable we feel. My point is that you have to be your own best advocate! Start by looking into your immune system…