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Posted in: Hyperthyroidism.

Surgery for Eyes from Grave's disease

From: gravesgrandma - 12 years 22 weeks ago

my grand daughter needs surgery for her eyes really sticking out. The doctors misdiagnosed her symptoms for over 1 year, even going so far to say she should see a psychiatrist. I am so angry and now she got surgery for her eyes. She couldnt even close them at night.

Does anyone one know if this keeps progressing or not? Can you reverse this

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Hi ive been diagnosed with Grave's disease because my doctor noticed my eyes where really sticking out, the doc put me on medication (propranolol and carbimazole) for the symptoms (tremor of the hands, palputations in the heart, hot sweats and the sticking out eyes) and my eyes almost look normal now,
i hope this helps, hope your daughter is ok

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It is very encouraging to hear that your eyes have improved. I thought that only surgery would help. With my Graves I have noticed that I have some eye issues. I am currently trying to get my thyroid levels balanced after RAI treatment. I do not want to look like I am staring at people and to me it is not attractive. I am very self concious about it and I sure hope they heal and get back to normal. Can you tell me how long your eyes were like that before they got better?

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I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease in early 2004 and had my thyroid radiated in November of that same year. My eyes were sticking out terribly and I couldn't close them at night either. Starting in April of 2006, I had the first of 6 eye surgeries to correct this. The first was called bilateral orbital decompression. They removed fatty tissue behind the eye and drilled the orbital bone down so there was more rooom for the eye to go back in. It was very painful...the other surgeries either lowered the top lid or raised the bottom lid up.
It is now February, 2011 and my eyes have not gone back out...there is little change in their appearance since 2006. I am extremely pleased with them and even though the surgeries were very painful, they were worth it!
I hope your grand daughter has the same experience.