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I saw this post by someone whom I cannot find anymore.
I have MS and have a compromised immune system due to MS treatments.

My TSH has been "abnormal" for years @ 0.001 but my T3 and T4 have been normal. So my family doctor was never concerned since apparently one should only be concerned if the T3 and T4 are also abnormal. As I have MS - autoimmune disease it is "common" for people with chronic illnesses such as mine to have an abnormal TSH.

Fast forward as part of my MS, I get MRI's every couple of years of my brain, spinal cord, neck etc. The recent MRI in May indicated "large nodule in left thyroid with abnormal shape and size warrants a ultrasound for further investigation". So I had an ultrasound with needle biopsy which indicated "TIRAD 4 nodule 3.0 cm" and "very suspicious requires another biopsy"

Fast forward...I also had blood work done which showed extremely abnormal WBC count. I have also gained 35 pounds in 6 months which is not normal for me. I am as my family doctor is on vacation for 2 weeks and I cannot be referred to an otolaryngologists until she does the referral. Once the referral is done, I will require larger biopsy from this specialist.

So here I am.

I am confused since I cannot speak to anyone with an MD until I get my doctor to refer me to I have no idea which specialist so I am apparrently to wait until I get a confirmed appointment time for the specialist they have yet to refer me to to wait for another bigger biopsy.

Wondering if it is thyroid cancer and which type. Wondering if it is not thyroid cancer and just a really big nodule and if so, do people normally do nothing, do they remove it, do they remove the entire thyroid. Is the nodule related to hyper or hypo throidism or untreated. I am just a practical person since I do have MS, I have had breast cancer and now I wait for a confirmed diagnosis.

If it is cancer someone said 3 days I am back at work and back to idea how accurate this is. IF it is not cancer do I have to make a decision to remove it or nor or do doctors do that? I have no idea it was there other than the reason for the MRI was I have having severe neck pain and issues for the past year not sure if it related or unrelated to the nodule.

Trying to spend my weekend researching while I wait for a phone call for an appointment for further tests.


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