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Posted in: Hyperthyroidism.


From: Cookyboy89 - 1 year 48 weeks ago

I have been diagnosed with this hyperthyroidism and it's putting immense strain on my relationship. I am having really angry outbursts for no reason whatsoever like today over a bag of chips! I have been prescribed medication by my GP and I will continue to take it but I can't explain why I feel like this because I can't control my anger. I also get sweaty regularly and I get a raised rash all over my body. Depressing thoughts go through my head like a hand through water, I often scare myself with the things I do and I don't know if my marriage is going to survive. I have 4 beautiful daughters with the woman of my dreams and the way I am acting I'm afraid I am going to lose them. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy so if you get diagnosed then seek help immediately. XX

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Hmmmm what do your thyroid labs look like? What is your height and weight? Male or female? I think male considering your info provided but cannot be sure in today's society.

Hyperthyroidism is very dangerous depending on the severity.

Please write a reply and reveal the lab results. TSH, Total T4, Total T3 and Free T3 are the absolute most important for your diagnosis.

Are you currently on any kind of thyroid medication?

I would also like to know if GP means "General Practitioner"? If so, why has that person NOT referred you to an Endocrinologist 'STAT'? Considering your symptoms . . . STAT is very appropriate especially . . . before you kill someone.

I hope you respond soon. I just came on-board to this site and am trying to help with my vast knowledge of the endocrine system of the human body. No charge at all and my advice is extremely accurate.

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I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism on 22 Feb 2019. My endocrinologist put me on 10mg of methimazole after my ultrasound test showed 2 thyroid nodules. I was overweight and had lost down to 219 lbs. After researching methimazole on the web and YouTube, I discovered that methimazole causes weight gain. I walk 2-3 miles daily, eat healthy, and weighed 227 this morning. My weight has slowly inches up since I started taking methimazole. Plus, I’m a T-1 insulin dependent since age 19. I am now 68. I am very frustrated. I see my endocrinologist next week. I am tempted to just stop taking methimazole and deal with my hyperthyroidism. It’s a Catch-22 for me.

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Thanks for your reply.

I am wondering how your doctor determined you have hyperthyroid?

What are the specific lab results for TSH, Total T4, Total T3 and Free T3?

BUT, now that you are on a drug that severely interferes with the thyroid function your labs are all screwed up!

I think your doctors are total FRAUDS at this point.

Have you had an MRI of your head because you may have a Pituitary Tumor.

Did your doctor order a CT of your thyroid gland? An MRI of it is much more revealing. MOST doctors out there do not know how to properly physically examine the thyroid gland. How did the doctor physically examine your thyroid? Did he or she use their thumbs while standing in front of you? Did they use the thumb and index finger of one hand? If so then it was examined WRONG!!!

The doctor must sit you in a chair sitting straight and stand behind you while taking both of their hands and starting from the center of your neck with both hands and slowly move outward from the middle with 3 fingers on each hand gently feeling the whole width of the thyroid gland. That is the only way to properly physically examine a thyroid gland.

Is there anything else wrong with you. Sores that won't heal? Weakness? Loss of libido? Constant sore throat for no reason? Hoarse voice?

The list is very long.

Please find out what your lab results are. Did your endocrinologist check any other labs that the pituitary gland secretes? LH, FSH, PRL, ADH, GH, MSH, ACTH? If not then you have a FRAUD for an endocrinologist.

I hope you understand just how deadly a fraud doctor is . . . to you. There are waaaay too many of them out there that are only in it for the money and nothing else.

I eagerly await your reply.

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Ask the endo why he immeidately put you on the methimazole with only two nodules ... surely there was more to it than that. Tell your endo about the weight gain and that it is unacceptable since you may not even have anything wrong at all. Nodules alone are meaningless, I believe. It takes far more than that to dx thyroid disease. Get a second opinion if you can.

Beware quacks with "vast knowledge" online. I'd never take some stranger's word over the internet where ANYONE can be a "Google Graduate" and spout any type of nonsense. You and I both have life-changing and yes, life-threatening diseases so advice from strangers? It's rather like taking candy from strangers! Please say no! No one BUT physicians are educated enough for me to listen to! I'm 63, you are 68 -- by now, we both probably know this very well! Have a good day!

(I hope your last endo visit went well. And that you got the answers you sought)

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Are you referring to me with your warning about 'internet doctors'?

I have vast knowledge of the endocrine system of the human body since suffering a life threatening pituitary tumor at age 39 that nearly killed me because the incompetence of the doctors caring for me missed all the symptoms. I have studied the human endocrine system for well over 4500 hours and know way more than the doctors who care for me because they all told me so. I am about to copyright and publish a 'Point Paper' on the subject of the thyroid gland to help educate ignorant doctors by putting it in simple-to-understand terms.

The tumor was the largest they had ever seen or heard about. They wondered why it hadn't killed me already because it was breaking my head apart from the center outward. It was THAT large.

I was nearly legally blind when they found it and that is how they found it. I could not be fitted for spectacles.

I have done extensive research of endocrine system to protect myself from fraudulent and ignorant doctors. In the last 22 plus years 3 endocrinologists nearly killed me with their stupidity. The first one reduced my thyroid medication 25 mcg in one dosage change (down from 175 mcg) without follow-up and it nearly killed me. She based her decision on the TSH result only and refused to listen to me when I attempted to tell her about my pituitary damage. As a matter of fact she yelled at me, "JUST SHUT UP AND DO AS YOU ARE TOLD!!!!!" FACT!!! Synthroid MUST never be raised or lowered more than 13 mcg in one dosage change. 8 weeks must pass before a blood level check of the new dosage is performed.

Did you know that a doctor and the lab must not draw the blood if the medication is taken within the last 24 hours if taking one dose per day? Morning dosing is ideal so if any medical provider tells you to take it at night they are a QUACK!!!!

The second one that nearly killed me stopped a very critical endocrine hormone medication and I nearly died with 6 months. I will tell you more about this story if needed but it is not the thyroid issue but another broken hormone system related to my pituitary gland damage.

The 3rd one nearly killed me by raising my thyroid medication too far too fast. 75 mcg within 3 months is very deadly. I suffered seizures and fainting spells. The first time I collapsed while on the phone with someone in my house and they summoned help for me. The second incident I was found unconsciousness on my driveway and having seizures. I filed a complaint with the medical board who issued his license because after telling them what happened on the phone they begged me to file a complaint.

So, there are FRAUDULENT and INCOMPETENT doctors out there!

I was active duty military when the pituitary tumor was discovered.

I am under the care of the INCOMPETENT v.a. doctors because I do not qualify for medical insurance in the private sector. I inquired and they told me that my premiums would be $7,000.00 a month with 75 percent co-pays and deductibles. Then they said there would be a 98 percent chance I would be refused after applying.

So, NOW do you see just how SCREWED UP our medical system is in the 'good'ol usa'?

I am a retired military Veteran with over 20 years of faithful service to my country during 3 wars, several skirmishes and 2 deployments to hostile zones.

I expect more respect from my fellow citizens!

Is this good advice?

You can get as angry as you like but you are not medical doctor and have too little education to be dispensing medicine. Sure, there are frauds in the medical world, and then, there are blowhards who think they know more than they do, too! Beware both! They can and have killed people. I swear, I have wanted to slap the next person who tells me I can "cure" my type 1 if I'd ONLY drink apple cider vinegar! Arrggghh! I don't slap them but I do offer to completely rebuild their home for them, with a noodle and a nail. ;-)

Dispending medical advice online, WITHOUT giving any consideration to what the person's physicians may be doing or saying is dangerous. You also cannot trust that what you are being told. Is it the WHOLE story? Your eyes and ears are not on the patient! Your experiences sounds terrible, but in the end, you obviously did what you were told. SO ... follow your own advice! Listen, but debate and stick to your guns if you feel your doctor is wrong! Get another doctor but do what YOU think is right, FOR YOU! Not others! And, this CAN happen in the VA system too! Share what has worked for YOU!

Without medical doctors, you'd not be alive, because unless I am missing something here -- you had a non-cancerous pituitary adenoma, correct? Usually very slow growing. And, unless you removed it yourself, you trusted doctors enough to surgically remove it and perhaps even underwent chemo/radiation? It took you nearly six months ... to die?! Or to notice that you were going blind?! What were YOU doing in that six months it took before YOU noticed the symptoms? If you couldn't tell there was anything wrong, how were the VA doctors supposed to? They're not magic! Did the symptoms sneak up on you in your busy life? It can happen! The VA docs are as good as others, but today, with our ROTTING system -- its not broken, it's flat roadkilled with flies buzzing over its corpse -- they, too, have a terrible time wading through all the paperwork to get anything useful done! And thats the GOOD ones that try! More of those than not, too.

I AM sorry for your nightmare of troubles, but that still does not make you a physician! It makes you retired military,given your response. YES, I DO thank you for your service!! I respect you for that service too! But anyone who leds with "there are cures for diabetes" ... makes my alarms go off! Just be careful about what you tell people. I'm sure you mean well, but be very careful.

The Internet is NOT medical school. Self-guided education is not adequate for diagnosing or treating any disease, especially those as complicated as those affecting our endocrine system. The human body isn't like flying a plane; you don't score points for the number of hours you've studied.

There are too many variables in human biology and human diseases for someone who has not been first trained in internal medicine then specializing in endocrinology. The typical training involves four years of pre-med, three to four years of medical school, three years of residency, and two years of fellowship. During that time, you've studied every inch of the human body, micro and macro! Not just the endocrine system! In that time, the ENTIRE human body and sometimes the mind too .... PLUS the 1000s of diseases PLUS the 1000s of treatments ... everything we can inherit or acquire .. has been studied. Med students are tested, studymore, and are tested again and again! It's HARDASS WORK to become a physician!! And yes, there are frauds and idiots in the mix still! My favorite joke? What do you call a doctor with a GPA of 2.0? Ummmm ... DOCTOR!

Just be careful you don't confuse your three terrible experiences and the hours you have studied with being an actual physician. Sure, there are quacks out there but thank God, there are FAR more that are not. They also hate this rotting system as much as we do! I once did what you are doing ... got too fulla myself, too angry at how things were NOT working today, and damn near caused the death of a child. I learned my lesson. I quit telling people how to treat their diseases, I quit dispensing medicine. I'm a medical anthropologist and I focus on studying the medical system's 'corpse' --- so we maybe can built a better one! The old gray mule of yesterday's medicine won't work anymore, the current one is a mishmash of crappola based on greed, but tomorrow? Tomorrow holds so much promise!

Is this good advice?

WOW!!! How abusive!

First, I am not a doctor and never claimed to be one. I am extremely knowledgeable of the endocrine system for both males and females after reading medical journals not the on-line internet doctors' blather.

Second, you obviously cannot comprehend my plight. I laid it out in the simplest form and you still got it wrong.

Third, the symptoms were not only six months old and the fact that the tumor crushing my optic nerve so badly was most likely over a course of decades gradually as explained by my neuro-ophthalmologist at the time.

By the way, you are really gonna freak out when I tell you I have cured my migraine headaches I have suffered since birth and all headaches for that matter.

I cured my herpes too.

I cured the basal cell carcinoma cancer I had.

I cured my gout.

So there. What do you think of that because it is totally true because I do not lie, cheat or steal . . . ever.

So, doctor stupid . . . get a life.