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Sick and Tired

From: Celestial - 2 years 32 weeks ago

I really need help. After four years of dealing with this, I've had it. I had a Total Thyroidectomy (will be four years ago this August.) Early stage papillary cancer. My problem is I have been "hyperthyroid" all this time. My surgeon insists he took everything out. I've had multiple ultrasounds indicating this is indeed true. THERE'S NOTHING THERE. However, my TSH levels have always concerned my endos, and I have never felt well. All the endos want to do is lower, lower, lower my dose--as well as try different meds. Well, the lower I've gone (I'm now on less than 75mcg Tirosint-last endo said to skip meds twice a month), the worse I've felt. And my levels have been, for the most part, in the HYPERTHYROID range. At some points, I've even had "undetectable" TSH values! Unbelievable that no one can figure this out. Something feels wrong, but each endo has just wanted to kick the can down the road and lower my dose once again. Btw, I've never been diagnosed with Graves (even prior to TT ) I also don't think I fall into that category. So what could possibly be the problem?

I now have an appointment with a new endo in March. This doc really needs to figure out why, of all things, my TSH is so low. Yet, I still have many HYPOTHYROID symptoms: hair loss, itchy skin, weight GAIN (and inability to lose despite healthy eating and exercise), fatigue, depression etc. etc.

Has anyone ever had a similar situation and, if so, what did you do about it? Did anything help? Am I losing my mind or is there really something wrong--if so, what might it possibly be? I can't go on like this. I'd appreciate any advice. Thank you.

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