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Posted in: Hyperthyroidism, and Weight Loss.

Hyperthyroidism/rapid weight gainn

From: Cincin - 2 years 40 weeks ago

Ive recently joined and have read a few posts. Exactly one year ago i had a bad cough that just would not go away for about 3 months. Then after that I had alot of trouble breathing and catching my breath. I asked my Dr to test my thyroid cause something didn't feel right. I've sent me to the lung Dr and I asked him to get my blood results he said my thyroidwas way out of wack and go immediately to my primary. Which I did the next day. It turns out my thyroid was in the 600's so he put me on levoxthyjne I can't spell it anyway he said i had hyperthyroidism. Now here's the screwed up part I was 143 lbs last aug when this all started, having hyperthyroidism I should be losing weight however I was rapidly gaining weight by January I was up to 196 lbs. It is now aug one year later and my thyroid level is in normal range but I'm still gaining weight I am now 206 lbs. I have gone to every type of Dr still am Mon I am going for a 3 hour breath test thru my gastrointestinal Dr. I dont know what to do i have facetosteoarthritis in my back and am being scheduled for a hip MRI I just can't move or do anything because of the pain and the more weight I gain the more pain im in. I tried taking Lipozene a month ago within almost 2 week I lost 6 lbs. I just don't have the money to get more being on disability. The posts I've read from you so far no one has lost as much and as fast as me from the ones I read. I cut way back on my sugar and trying to cut back on carbs. Fruits and vegetables are so expensive I could only afford maybe a weeks worth per month.if anyone has any ideas as to why I'm hyperthyroid but gaining so much weight that just won't stop please let me know. Thanks for any feedback.

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Hi Cincin,

I had the same problem. My symptoms started when I hit 35. I would become so hot that I was radiating heat to the point where none of my friends would sit next to me. I would become so tired and fall asleep at dinner if I had a drink. I was out of breath from turning my head, had extreme anxiety and shivering (I call it shimmering). Eventually, my friend, a nurse practitioner told me I had hyperthyroid and should see my PCP. The doctor ran tests and confirmed that I had graves disease and as a result had high blood pressure. I was sent to an endocrinologist with very bad bedside manners. He prescribed Methimazole and Metoprolol which I took religiously. The medication helped my symptoms; however, I started feeling like I was hungry all the time so I ate whenever I was hungry. Within a year I went from 130 pounds and to 165 pounds. Additionally, I began to have extremely painful arthritis to the point where I wanted to die--btw, I love life. When I talked to my endocrinologist he had no clue why I was experiencing these symptoms. His exact words were, "You should be loosing weight with graves disease--not gaining weight. Basically, you're obese and need to loose weight. Having muscle pain or arthritis is not a side effect of methimazole". He shrugged his shoulders and told me he'd check to see if I had diabetes. I never went back to him after being treated like something was wrong with me. My thyroid stabilized but I relapsed twice. My new endocrinologist recommended that I radiate my thyroid. I did not like the idea of having a dead organ in my body so I did some online research for natural treatment of hyperthyroidism and interviewed every naturopathic quack in Honolulu. I finally settled with a naturopath who worked at a clinic that believed in integrative medicine. He put me on the AIP diet for three months. No smoking. No alcohol. I lost 35 pounds in a month. I felt better and did not have to take meds. From time to time I feel the symptoms come back but this happens when I eat badly. I highly recommend that you try the AIP diet strictly. Slowly reintroduce foods to see if there are any side effects. Now, I am 80% good and 20% bad. The conventional doctors told me that changing my diet wouldn't help--but I know now that is not true. Not sure if your hyperthyroidism is caused by graves but it is an autoimmune disease which can be helped by eliminating inflammatory and processed foods that are bad for you. I have learned so much about gut health in the past two years since changing my diet. Please check out walmart, target, or your local farmers market for affordable fruits and vegetables. I hope you give it a try! Best of luck to you.