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Posted in: Hyperthyroidism.

Possible thyroid

From: Diane H - 2 years 43 weeks ago

I started having symptoms early this year. I came home from work, ate dinner, sat down and would fall asleep in the chair. Wake up, go to bed and sleep some more. I also started being very cold all the time. I had period where I felt like I was going to pass out. I knew something was wrong but after a hospital visit, a multitude of tests and numerous doctor's visits, I still don't have an answer. I asked my doctor to check my thyroid. My TSH came back at 3.11 which according to them falls in the normal category. I researched my blood work and my TSH had consistently been 2.2, 2.0,2.1 for the past few years. In 2/2018, it was 1.53. now in 8/2018 it has more than doubled. I push myself to stay busy so I don't fall asleep but I still feel like something is not right. I have tingling in my hands, thought related to computer use. I have been on a health plan for months but have not been able to lose any weight since 12/2017. Should I ask my doctor to explore why my TSH doubled in 6 months. Has anyone else had symptoms like this?

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