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Rapid weight loss w/ diarrhea.

From: jdfrock2003 - 7 years 27 weeks ago

I have been pretty healthy lately and don't know whats going on.. I'm 24 yrs old, 6"4, and have always weighed around 175lbs for at least a year or two(maybe a pound or two off here and there) about two months ago I started losing weight. I lost 20 pounds and am now around 155lbs.. I have been having diarrhea(loose) as least going two times a day. I have slight anxiety mainly when I'm at work but don't think this will cause it(taking clonazepan 1 mg as needed). about two yrs ago when I was interning at the hospital i volunteered for an ultrasound of my thyroid..they found two suspicious nodules that led to a needle biopsy(the test was inconclusive..too much blood and not enough cells). that led to the nuclear med scan which showed it was a little overactive.. I have been on synthroid levels seem to not be within range the past couple visits to the endo...they keep switching me back and forth from .125mcg to .137mcg synthroid..I had an abdominal/pelvis ct scan w/ contrast and came back normal..I looked at the images and I was backed up..I am also gassy and sweat alot at the buttocks to the point where the sweat will show up on my pants...

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