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Posted in: Hyperthyroidism, and Thyroiditis.

Suppressed TSH, High T4, Normal T3 but feeling horrid

From: BeckyG - 3 years 33 weeks ago


I have a suppressed TSH but always have, assumed secondary hypothyroidism. TSH has never increased even when T4 Low. T4 31, T3 normal (mid range).
Feeling weird, tired, sometimes starting the day feeling fine and burning out. feeling faint, bit disconnected bit nauseous sometimes, poor concentration, forgetting things.
The only other new symptom is a intermittent sore throat and hoarseness with no obvious signs of a cold and an intermittent pain in right ear, glands up in neck but no obvious lump.
any thoughts please

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Hi Becky G., I’m sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well. I am pretty much going through the same thing but my levels are ranging from 6-9 b-4 8 am and plummet right after. I have been through 2 endocrinologist and I’m gaining weight by the day. I also have ACTH, where the hypothalamus pituitary and adrenal gland’s are not functioning. I have done everything from vitamin supplements to medication, which I had a severe reaction to and cannot take the Meds. I have no cortisol at all in my body which is not helping with trying to lose weight. The only thing that did come up a bit but still low is my Vitamines D deficiency. I just had another round of blood work done and I see the endocrinologist next week. My hair has completely thinned out to the point I almost look like someone who’s going through chemotherapy, my skin is extremely dry my nails are brittle. I feel I have done everything they have asked me to do and nothing is helping. In addition, I suffer with severe migraine disease and I have a benign tumor on my brain and a cyst on the pineal gland I had a partial hysterectomy 15 years ago they cannot put me on any type of hormone replacement due to the fact I have had 4 TIAs, mini strokes. I am constantly tired I have no energy to do anything because my levels are so low my immune system is compromised and this hyperthyroidism seems to be getting worse! The insurance company will not pay for the intramuscular injections because they are so expensive monthly, so I guess they’re just waiting for my kidneys to fail and though pay for the dialysis when needed, Rather than paying for the medication I need now. I feel like I’m a sitting duck counting my days… I do take Synthroid daily, but I am at the point where I am drinking anywhere from a gallon to a gallon a half of water a day but my kidneys are not releasing the urine like they are supposed to be doing, so I’m suffering with edema bad! I can’t understand why they just won’t put me in the hospital run all the test they need and do something about it. I’ve been dealing with this for over four years now, I just turned 48 and I am way too young to be going through all of these problems. My heart goes out to you for I completely understand how you feel!! I wish I had some answers for you I’m helping someone else reads this and will be able to help us out. My prayers are with you and I hope these doctors can come to some type of diagnosis and treat these symptoms and soon!! If anyone has any suggestions or answers I am open to any recommendations.