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Posted in: Hyperthyroidism.

Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism Test Results

From: cyndebo - 3 years 38 weeks ago

Hello - I have been overmedicated for some time now, the most recent tests are saying:
"Care plan of 'total T3' for my thyroidism"
What does this mean? I am currently on Levoxyl and I have been fighting with my endocrinologist for several years regarding being switched over to natural desiccated thyroid medication. Currently the only blood work she will run is TSH & T4. I have requested Cortisol, Free T3 & ALL related hormone levels to actually identify the problem to no avail. I am gaining weight at about 1-1.5lbs/wk. Not good when you are only 5’2”. My latest blood tests (9/14/17) resulted in TSH 0.02 &Free T4 1.72. Not much change from my previous blood work 5/16/17; TSH 0.01 & Free T4 1.96.

My hospital automatically sends my blood labs & for the last several l years it has said: Care plan of 'total T3'; my doctor has never mentioned & when I address it she says my T4 levels are "where they should be" Just curious as to what the "Care Plan" means as Levoxyl is a T4 only med. I truly appreciate any help.

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I hate when doctors do 1 or two tests and give medicine that are not doing anything to you. You really need to have done 5 tests to diagnose or deny Hashimoto's, these would be:
Free T3
Free T4
Anti Tg
If you gain weight I would do cortisol test as well. It could be caused by pituitary.