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Posted in: Hyperthyroidism.

Hyperthyroidism ruining my life

From: sick247 - 38 weeks 4 days ago

Hey, so I have been through a lot the passed 2 years or so. i was diagnosed with Crohns Disease(CD) when I was 15.(about to be 25 now) So about to years or so ago I start feeling terrible, fatigue, weakness, stomach pain, diarrhea, basically just a little of everything. I and basically every doctor I have seen thought I was having a flare up. So I tried 2 different CD medications, which i did not really want to do because of the side effects, but it didn't seem like i had much of a choice. These medicines did not work. I felt like i was losing my mind! I went to a place where they had a whole dept dedicated to these kind of diseases and they still did not realize that this could not be my stomach after all. i lost about 40 lbs or so. My lowest weight was 113 lbs.(Before this my avg- 150-155 lbs). After i tried my second med for this and it didnt work after only 2 months of taking it, I refused to start on another right away. I went maybe 3-4 months without it and had almost just kinda given up. I was very out of it all the time. Depressed, stressed, and had anxiety along with my physical symptoms as well. So at the end of March this year i had some pretty severe chest pain. I kinda just thought i had pulled a muscle or something. My wife thought i should go to the ER so we did. They did a CT and FINALLY, the doc noticed on the CT scan that my thyroid glands were very enlarged. He ran the test and it came back that i had hyperthyroidism. We started to look it up and found out that it has a lot of the same physical symptoms as my CD. But i was having a lot more problems than just physical. I had done a number to my marriage over that last year. I was not fun to be around, i did not really feel like going out or hanging out with random people. I just could not get myself out of the funk. I feel like i got so deep into it that it almost started to feel safe, like i could just hid under it and it would be ok. It is and was not ok, I may have lost my marriage because of it. I just could not stop feeling bad for myself which made me become very selfish. As of now, I am up to 140lbs and I am starting to feel better. I was on methimzole for about a month or so, but my numbers were so high they thought the radioactive iodine ablation would help get my numbers down faster. I still take my beta blocker and i think it helps. I am still very stressed going through this with my wife and we have a 2 yo boy. I know I have kinda been rambling but I kinda needed to get it out. this disease makes you feel pretty alone and isolated. Thanks for listening!

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Well it finally happened. I lost the only thing that was keeping me sain. I still have my son and I know he has to be enough for me right now. I just really want to fell wanted and he doesnt really have that ability right now. I had been with wife for almost 8 years. Married for 3. We had our son a year after we got married. I really started dealing with all my health issues like right before he was born. I hate that I was no able to figure this shit out before it was to late. I grow up in a badly broken home and I always told myself I would not do that to my child.. well I have failed. I have not been strong enough for you Myles! I am so sorry. I will do everything I can to make your childhood better than mine. I am sorry that I pushed your mommy away from us. It was never about you, we love you with everything we have. Life just got the best of us and we didnt know what to do. If you are going through relationship struggles because of this disease try to help your SO understand what you are going through in your head. even if you sound crazy. That is all you can do and hope that they really love you enough to be able to see that that is not who you are and that everything you do while you feel like that is not something you are want to do. Your body will just not let you be normal. I hope that you can figure out what is going on before it is to late.

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Hi sick247, how are you now? Did the meds help any? Did you do the RAI? If so, did it help? I was just diagnosed with hyper & docs didn't know what it was before. Bad health will ruin your life. I hope it gets better for you.

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I have been feeling a lot better than I was 6 months or so ago. I still have some anxiety and mood swings, but I have gained 30 lbs in the past 6 months. I started on methamozole, but my numbers were really high so I did the RAI test.
I could start to tell somewhat of a difference on methamozole but not much. The RAI was not the most fun thing I have had to do, but it seems to be helping. My numbers are dropping. We are waiting for them to get into normal range to see where to go from there. I am also on Propanaole. I am not on methamozole anymore, had to stop it before the RAI test. Yes bad health can be extremely hard on your family and personal relationships. When they take a long time to figure out, it makes it that much harder. Thank you for responding! If you have anymore questions let me know and i will try to help. I hope i have already a little bit. Hope you start to feeling better.

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I guess we have to take it one day at a time, thanks for the update

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