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I am lost regarding what to do.

My father, 85 years of age, has worsening symptoms. Today he said he wished I was dead, that I have ruined his life, that he hates me, he wants me out of his house, how I am the cause of his temper. This was in reaction to me saying 'calm down, calm down'. Yesterday he screamed in my face, literally millimetres from me, his eyes bulging, spit hitting my cheeks as he recounted something I did 15 years ago and how it upsets him. He pushes me, He pushes mum. He stops short of actually assaulting us, but you can see he is controlling himself in this regard. But for how long? He shouts and screams. Recently, we all went on holiday and infront of everyone he kept freaking out. Its like he forgot the social etiquette of being amongst people, what is acceptable behaviour and what isn't. But he then forgot the episodes. He has told others what a nice holiday it was.

Sometimes, when bad, there will be a moment I see his eyes lost in confusion and fear, but he cannot stop what he is saying. This has all been worsening over the last 8 months. He never used to be like this.

I do not know what it is. He has no other symptoms of dementia or Alzheimers, even though I read that anger is being one of the key elements. He doesn't repeat stories, he isn't really confused or lost. He forgets what he says, but this is the only major forgetfulness (aside from what is expected of an 85 year old man).

He was prescribed 'Levothyroxine' for an underactive thyroid. This is because apparently, in a blood test it appeared he was under-active. I would NEVER have said he had any symptoms of an underactive one. He has always been active all his life, and the only thing that has slowed him down is a back injury which effects his legs. (I appreciate that getting older and not being as active may have effected his moods to a degree - not wanting to accept he is getting old when all his life he has been very sporty and a high achiever). He has always been in control, and had employees to manage, and so he is losing control and I understand this would worsen his anger.

It is impossible to broach the subject of him getting rechecked by the doctor as he just goes mental, screaming and shouting at us that he is fine and "can still swim 100 lengths of the pool". (I doubt he can, but it wasn't long ago that he could).

Is it possible that someone with an over active one when given meds for underactive, would become angry and uncontrollable? Like giving a stimulant to someone already stimulated would result in chaos?

Is it possible he tested underactive, but it resolved itself, and the meds are antagonising his anger?

Is it nothing to do with the meds, or his thyroid at all, but infact something else?

He has no other health issues except a hiatus hernia (which he gets meds for)

Please help, as I do not know what to do, or which group to approach for advise.

My mother and I plan on recording him tomorrow (as it is a daily occurrence) and going to the doctor and voicing our concern. However, under Patient confidentiality we will be told nothing. He has to go to the doctor, and he wont go with anyone, he tells the doctor he is fine (as in his head, he isn't arguing, and all his behaviour is completly justified). We thought we might play back his temper outbursts to him, although I don't know what that will achieve except create confusion. Although he might believe it is happening then, as now he is in denial.

I am sure that someone here has experience of what it could be, or at least what it isn't. Ruling out possibilities is a good step forwards.

Many many thanks, and warm Spring blessings to you all.

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my dear Amanda, has anyone tested your dad for Alzheimers? or dementia? I have worked with and for many elderly people and I know Alzheimers when I see it or read about certain things happening in ones life. please be careful, your dad could become violent, please get in touch with an office for the aging if you can or call your local social services, they will send someone out to diagnose your dad. this is nothing to fool around with, the person can be sweet one minute then the next minute they can hit you, or swear at you and they may even become more violent than you could ever imagine. please, your dad is ill, and he needs to be seen by someone that handles the elderly and their health. let me know how your pop is doing!! take care , penny