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S/P thyroidectomy labs

From: feviegirl1973 - 4 years 12 weeks ago

Hi, all! I had a thyroidectomy on December 14, and was placed on Synthroid 100mcg daily on December 30. I have felt fatigued throughout the process, but lately it is substantially worse. On a side note, I also have Relapsing Remitting MS, but is well-controlled. I had my first 3rd generation TSH test a week ago, and it was .164. I saw an endocrinologist on Monday (first visit) and was totally confused as I really thought I had hypothyroidism. I understand that this value actually means that I have been prescribed too much Synthroid. She decreased my dosage to 88mcg per day. It seems like I have symptoms of hyper and hypothyroidism, and just wanted to reach out to anyone who may be having similar issues. I appreciate any feedback.

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