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Diabetes and Thyroid related problem

From: arvindshukla - 4 years 20 weeks ago

Hello all members,
My mother, aged 72 yrs has been recently treated for Abdominal TB, and the medication has been stopped last week. During the surgery for biopsy, the doctors discovered liver cirrhosis, and through blood tests it was confirmed that she is also HCV positive (contracted accidentally, probably during a surgery/ blood transfusion in 1986).

Another condition, she is suffering from diabetes. The fasting sugar is always within limits, whereas the Post Postprandial level goes up to 350.

Now the issue that is bothering me...and I seek guidance..
For the last about ten years she is taking Eltroxin 100 mcg and the T3, T4, TSH levels were ok.
Last week's blood test results, before commencing the HCV treatment, have indicated following values :-
T3 - 99.64
T4 - 10.40
TSH - 53.640 (!!)

The endocrinologist has suggested increasing the Eltroxin dose to 125 mcg and do a re-test after three months.

Can anyone please guide me in this regard.
What else can she do, naturopathy, diet changes, diet supplement etc to handle this situation.
The GE has now suggested that treatment for HCV would be commenced after getting TSH within limits.

This is really intriguing for my elderly mother.

Looking forward for some advice.
warm regards, arvind

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