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Low TSH, Normal T3 & T4

From: sidrajohnson - 4 years 22 weeks ago

Hi all,

I'm miserable dealing with my sub-clinical hyperthyroidism. My thyroid was scanned and came back normal, so no issues there. But my pituitary gland just won't stop making TSH. I have the classic hyperthyroid symptoms except for the trembles and bulging eyes. My doctor won't treat it because he thinks the medicine will make me go hypo so they gave me Ativan to help with my nervousness and anxiety but it doesn't help at all. I have no appetite and have lost over 40 lbs in 6 months. The worst thing is my mind is starting to be effected and my personality. I have 4 children and my household is very busy and stressful but typically I'm a very calm, patient person and I'm not that anymore. I'm extremely irritable and my heart rate will jump up to over 100 BPM if I get angry within a few seconds. I also feel like my adrenaline is constantly on which makes me fidgety and I can never relax. This is also has created insomnia at times and not being able to sleep through the night. I'm finally going to see an endocrinologist and hoping they can shed some light and help me feel better. I don't feel myself and I'm emotional. I feel like I'm starting to have a nervous breakdown or something.

Has anyone out there experienced similar issues? I'm wondering if I might have a pituitary tumor or dissorder of some kind.

Thanks, SJ

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Hi SJ, I just wanted to say you are not alone. I have very similar issues but have been hypothyroid and now it has suddenly switched to hyperthyroid with very low TSH numbers. I would get into an endocrinologist as soon as you can. Just like you I am super irritable, pounding chest, and constant insomnia. Ambien needed every night for >1 yr. I hope you find something that works and just hang in there. The tyroid seems extremely touchy and requires a lot of time between medication adjustments. Please share what you find and good luck to you! RJ