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Hypo to hypthroidism - any advice when your body switches?

From: RJsurfingwsurfi... - 4 years 22 weeks ago

I'm long term diagnosised as hypothyroid and have been taking 150mcg levo for 8+ yrs. This past yr I had three job changes that have put me in considerable stress and anxiety...My pcp just re-tested my TSH at .09 and T4 is high too, so now I'm hyperthyroid! Really stuggling with this: 24/7 numbness at back of neck, trouble with memory, anxiety, insomnia, and many backaches. Has anyone been through this?? I feel like I'm falling apart! Pcp wants very slow reduction of levo to 137mcg and retest in 8 wks. Feels like an eternity to me. Really appreciate any insight or kind advice to help, thx!!

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I don't know the answers, but if you are hyper you should not be on hypo medicine. I hope you are switched soon. I read online that it is possible to switch from time to time from hypo to hyper & best to keep getting tested periodically. I was just diagnosed with hyper & trying to learn as much as I can to get better.