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Posted in: Hyperthyroidism.

Curious about my severe hyperthyroidism

From: Sgtswife - 4 years 24 weeks ago

I'm new here & have several questions. 1st I've been passed through many doctors for test after test, FNA & I have an endocrinologist now. But the goiter covers my thyroid & I have nodules on the left side. So far they say nothing but then again all I know is that my TSH level is almost 0 whatever that means, I've done an uptake, I guess it looked like I was on thyroid medicine already & at that time I was not. I am on methimizole now and not sure what is after this. I am on a beta blocker & even now I feel like my body is trying to go through a thyroid storm again. Is it even possible to go through a storm on medicine? My chest feels so heavy & palpitations but I can't do alot because it hurts my chest so bad & I don't know if that's even normal. I know that I'm covered in calcification & I was told it's due to the thyroid. I do not understand any of this or why. I am the only one on both sides of my family that has had any issues at all with the thyroid so I am seriously clueless about it all. I would just like to know what others do or have done & have you had surgery & does the heart eventually slow down without medicine or what's going on. My vitamin D bottomed out (again I was not given number's, just told about it) they gave me 50,000 MG of vitaminD once a week and I feel a little better since I've had that. I feel like my body is on massive overload and I am so tired of it and ready for something to make me feel better.


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Sgtswife,I am new here too, it is so unreal how one little gland the thyroid can make in ones body. Since I came down with thyroid cancer in 2014 that little gland has given me one wild ride but I am determined to hang on. I to take Vitamin D3 50,000 and I cannot tell if it is working or not, though I take mine every two weeks. I know I have gained since 2013 100 pounds30 since I had my radioactive iodine treatment...not a happy camper at all.Have you told your doctor about your chest heaviness and palpation's? If not please let them know.