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Posted in: Hyperthyroidism.

Hyperthyroidism and no treatment yet..

From: WhileHewasgamin - 4 years 27 weeks ago

Hello, my mother hs hyper and her sister is hypo. So I've always had my blood testes at least once a year. However this past summer I started suffering from major heat flashes, always at work. I was hoping I was allergic to work, however that's unfornutaly not the case lol. She said my blood count came back being hyper and that she wanted me to go to a endocrinologist. But we have moved many states away before I got a chance to and now have no insurance. I've been pretty fine until about a week ago. I usually suffer from heart palpitations being I have MVP and never think anything more than that or anxiety. I can usually go most of they day fine and then after about 5 or dinner time I feel really lathargic, head is spinning, my chest hurts, I basically lay down for about ten mins until it passes. Last night I didn't think it was going to pass, starting gettin scared I might get rushed to ER. My mom was a littler younger than I but with same symptoms. She has been on medication since I was born. I know I'll eventually need it. I've barely been eating. I usually go to bed with a pounding headache. What can I do to ease these symtptons? Is it time to go to Endocrindologist? Can the ER help? Thank you for your time reading this and to any responses I appreciate it!

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Is this good advice?

Have you had your antibodies tested? I believe there are three different tests for antibodies. What is your FT3 and the ranges?

Is this good advice?

That's the thing, I haven't gone to get more testing done since my family physician told me to. I don't have insurance so I've patiently been waiting. I don't want to hurt myself by doing so though. So basically looking for advice as to can I wait longer or should I go now. This week has been the worse so far. If it's going to pass I'll just wait, but because I don't know the status of my thyroid I'm just nervous.