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Posted in: Hyperthyroidism.

Tired and confused

From: sexymom04 - 4 years 34 weeks ago

Hi everyone, I'm a 45 year old mom of 4 and step mom to 3 ( only 2 live with us, thank god lol).I've been hyperthyroid for years but was always symptomatic. Two weeks ago I saw my family doctor to have my iron checked as I had been anemic, while she did the test she checked my TSH and low and behold, my iron is good by my TSH is low and I didn't realize that I was having symptoms that were associated with hyperthyroid. I have palpitations, tremors, muscle weakness, losing my hair, I'm moody, I'm cold all the time, I'm so tired, some days I could go to bed at supper time, I'm anxious, everything drives me crazy, weight loss, shortness of breath, my body just aches, and sometimes my legs don't seem to want to cooperate. She put me on beta blockers and am awaiting an appointment with an endo, but don't know how long that can take. I'm so lost and confused. I was lifting weights 3-5 times a week and now I can't even do it once a week, as I cannot lift anywhere near what I was lifting a few weeks ago. I feel like I'm going crazy and that all this is all in my head as you can't see anything other than some days, I feel like I'm 90 years old. Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Hi sexymom, you sweet dear.

It may be time for you to start medication, but only a doctor can make that determination, of course. I'm also hyperthyroid, 15 years now, but I've always been on medication.

You are NOT crazy, and it's not in your head. I am very familiar with all your symptoms, and more. I don't know how low your tsh was at testing, but I would ask your primary to put you on a low dose of Methimazole to begin raising your tsh. It works relatively quickly, a matter of weeks (I know...)

I would think you'll need to be under an endocrinologist's care, until, and if you return to being asymptomatic. A primary care doctor is woefully incapable of overseeing the care of a hyperthyroid patient, in my view. But at least you could be making some improvement while you are waiting to see a specialist.

Perhaps your primary could also order a thyroid uptake test, to get things moving before you see the endo doc. I hate that doctors make us suffer, and wait, while we go through the unbearable symptoms of this disorder. I have an endo doc I adore and he has kept me symptom free for most of the last 15 years. I do have to have blood work done every three months, along with medication adjustments, when necessary.

I know how awful you must be feeling, but help is on the way, so hang in there, and just indulge staying in bed, or whatever you need to do to get through til you can get your tsh up. I also take tranquilizers when needed for the anxiety attacks, which I never had before this.

Most of all, DO NOT let your primary make light of the low numbers, or say it's not that low. The numbers are everything!! If they are out of range, they are out if range, period, and taken with your symptoms, should not be dismissed. I personally, feel best when my tsh is between 1.0 and 2.0, but each person is different.

Good luck to you, hang in there!
Also, keep track of all your test numbers and such, in case you need them for a new doctor.