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My Hypothyroid/Hyperthyroid Fiasco

From: naimah99 - 4 years 37 weeks ago

I am 18 years old and I've been struggling with hypothyroidism for about four years now. I've never been able to loose weight, only when I over exercised and at very little, which lead to an eating disorder. For a few years I was taking Levothyroxine and although this helped I moved states and did not see a doctor to prescribe me the medicine again. Therefore, I stopped taking it and encountered some issues because my body was dependent on it. At the same time I was overexercising and eating very little which combined with no medication lead me to the worst symptoms (including heavy hair loss!). When I went to the doctors they tested me for hypothyroid and told me everything was NORMAL! They told me that my symptoms could be from depression and that I may loose all my hair or it could be genetic (I have always had super thick hair). I was within the TSH of 3.0. They did not even take my symptoms into consideration. I did not know what to do without the medicine, and even with all the overexercising and little eating I was still NOT loosing weight (common hypothyroid symptom). I was enraged at the fact that the doctors did not help me and I bought desiccated thyroid gland capsules online. I felt a bit better after taking them for a couple months but my symptoms didn't completely go away (and my hair kept FALLING. I'm only 17 so this was devastating). My pills finished and I did not repurchase them because I didn't think they made much of a difference. Then I began to have symptoms of sluggishness, fatigue, my hair kept falling, weight gain, and the list goes on (most of the hypothyroid symptoms). I decided it was time to get the desiccated thyroid gland again (the doctor still argued that everything was normal). I found "Thyro Gold" so I was excited to try it and heard great reviews on it. I started with 150mg in the morning and then after a few weeks I began taking two of the 150mg capsules a day (one in the morning and one at night). I felt so much better! I stopped feeling sluggish and I was actually loosing some pounds (not body fat though)! Even my hair had improved a bit. But then I started getting these weird tremors in my hand, and back pain. I also started getting headaches and I was very alert (a little too much). I got easily tired while exercising, and worst of all, my appetite increased drastically!! I was anxiously eating and I did not know why. I went to the doctor for a general checkup and they ran some TSH and T4 blood exams.

Today I went for the results and the doctor informed me that I DID NOT have hypothyroidism. Instead he told me that I have HYPERthyoridism. I could not believe what I was hearing! For years I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and took medication! He said my TSH was 0.023 and the normal range is 0.450 - 4.500 ulU/mL. My T4 was 2.32 and the normal range is 0.93 - 1.60 ng/dL. He said my condition was critical and that I had to see an endocrinologist immediately. I told him I had been taking a desiccated thyroid gland. As you may know they are not very fond of natural thyroid glands or medications. He told me that the medication could be a cause of the low TSH and high T4. I do not want to be prescribed a hyperthyroidism medicine if I REALLY have hypothyroidism. As this could be cause a disaster! The doctor told me to stop taking the thyroid gland immediately and even had the nerve to ask me if I was taking it to loose weight. Apparently that is something people do. Anyway, I have always had a high TSH and been a hypothyroid patient. I do not want to be misdiagnosed due to taking this medication. I know this is much too information but I wanted to give you a detailed explanation of what has been going on since I started taking Thyro Gold. If I can get some help or advice that would be great. Thank you!

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