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Frustration (need some advice)

From: Jwoo1601990 - 4 years 37 weeks ago

Hey guys i've been struggling for awhile now with a few health issues i've been having. First off im a 26 year old male and im in really good shape outside this stuff i have been having going on. It started when i noticed what i thought was a bump in my throat accompanied by some deep like achey type pains in my throat. I went to see my family DR who told me my thyroid felt enlarged she also felt on my neck and said i might have some nodules. So she did some blood work and ended up telling me my lvls were slightly off. So she sends me to get ultrasounds and after that I go and see a endocronologist. The specialist literally couldn't find anything wrong. At the time the pain was kind of off and on and it haden't been acting up that bad when i saw her. So I left thinking I was ok well the pains in my throat ended up coming back and now i can feel right under my chin a small pea sized lump guessing a nodule? As well as some more towards the center of my throat to the left of my adamsapple. Another major symptom i started getting is my tongue! Its terrible almost ever single morning i wake up my tongue has these huge cracks in it and it is SO dry like beyond dehydration and very painful this always goes away as i get up and get going. I guess my main concern is it being some sort of thyroid cancer or oral cancer... And not sure what steps i should take next since ive seen this endroconologist twice and my family DR. I work out everyday to the point of failure and I do take some supplements. My pre-workout actually says to not take if you have a thyroid disease but according to the endroconologist I don't have a problem with my thyroid. So i take that everyday along with a post workout and I drink Protein shakes that consist of three different types of proteins. Anyone else had these similar problems before being diagnosed and what steps should i take going forward. My insurance recently changed so for me to see a new family DR its going to take atleast a month. I haven't had any weight loss night sweats or anything like that but i do tend to get what i think are canker sores alot not sure if that could be related and usually have them for up too a week or slightly longer.

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The best way i can describe my tongue is it literally feels like a cats tongue or sand paper it gets soooo dry its crazy. Ive tried drinking alot of water and even usually get a huge glass of ice water and sit it next too my bed if i wake up during the night but nothing helps i wake up every morning like that and after being up for an hour or two it goes too normal. Sometimes it will also look really red.