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Posted in: Hyperthyroidism.

Mood swings

From: Eb1986 - 2 years 19 weeks ago

I have been struggling with depression,anxiety, and mood swings for the last year. It has been awful. I get to the point where I am So mad I could literally hurt someone. My kids make me so angry for just being kids. I can be in a fine mood and the littlest thing makes me scream. I feel overwhelmed with everything!!! So finally I had my doctor test my thyroid. I am very minimally hyperthyroid. So if it's so minimal.. Why am I having suck issues? I've been on several different meds for the anxiety and depression. I just don't feel like myself anymore and I don't know what to do. We are "keeping an eye" on my thyroid levels and will recheck them in 6 weeks. (Which is actually only 2 weeks from today's date). If it stays minimal.. We might not do anything. But I feel like it HAS to be my thyroid causing these symptoms and I am just miserable. I'm not myself at all. And I feel like nobody understands. I don't know what I want from this post.. Other than to not feel alone! I feel like nothing I do is helping!

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