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Chronic fatigue

From: Poponsio - 8 years 1 week ago

Hello I'm Francisco I haven't been diagnosed with any thyroid disease yet, but I've been experiencing symptoms for years maybe, but since january the symptoms are getting worse and i'm going crazy, I always feel tired and can't remember the simplest things like for example the name of the person I'm talking to,I have pain in my muscles and I always feel weak, my mind is numb all the time I can barely process any information. Since I have vitiligo (I've been diagnosed) and probably psoriasis, my doctor thought that it was lupus, fortunately the antinuclear antibody test came back negative, so lupus is dismissed, otherwise, and since my father has hypothyroidism, I got the tsh and t4 tests, the results are the following: tsh: 2.22 t4: 7.61 according to my doctor the results are completely normal but I read in medline plus that when you have a tsh level superior to 2.0 and a normal t4 level you probably have subclinical Hypothyroidism
Is that true? what should I do then? How can I treat that subclinical hypothiroidism if I have it? I need advice right now because I can't live like this anymore.

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