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High Blood Pressure / Elevated Renin

From: peb7268 - 10 years 39 weeks ago

I am a 27 yr old male that is 5'5 and 140lbs. I recently checked my BP randomly and found it was high 140/90. Since then I began monitoring it throughout the day. It was staying around that but would fluctuate, sometimes higher and sometimes lower.

The Doc put my on linsopril and ran some tests to be safe. He said my cholesterol was low and all my other blood results were good.

The linsopril was dampening it a bit but it was still elevated. I have been extremely worried ( an understatement ) because health issues freak me out. Checking my bp like 20 times a day.

When the 24hr test came back it showed elevated renin levels. Mine were 12 and they were supposed to be between 0.25 - 4.

He then ran a MRA of the abdomen but it came back inconclusive. Now they want to run a CT-Angiogram.

This has been going on for about a month now. For the last two weeks my blood pressure has been great. When I wake up its 112/70 with a pulse of like 59.

It has had an occasional spike twice but I noticed thats only after eating. ( meals were a bit big too )

My main question is could the elevated renin levels just be caused by the fact that I have been ultra stressed / scared?

My insurance is horrible and has a $3,000 a year max. I dont have the money to pay for all these tests.

I would really appreciate it if some ppl could give me some advice.

Thank you in advance.

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