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High TSH Normal T4 T3 cause?

From: ambrown - 4 years 49 weeks ago

Hi I am 26 y.o. female and I have been experiencing an increase in severe headaches that i also feel in my jaw, dizziness throughout most of the day, lymph node swelling in the occipital region of my scalp, hair loss, and fatigue. I went to my doctor and to make a long story shorter after a few visits these were my lab results.

TSH _____H 41.9 ( yes 41 not 4) re-tested 2 days later H 34.8
T4_______N 4.9
T3_______N 2.4
C-reactive protein ____Negative
LDL_____H 124
Other Labs: CBC, Chem 10 are all WNL
SO basic A&P: TSH stimulates the thyroid to produce thyroid hormones when the thyroid hormone is normal, through a feed back loop you stop producing so much TSH. With this said if there isnt an issue with my thyroid hormones i shouldnt be having these symptoms and i shouldnt have a high TSH but I do. If the issue was with my pituitary gland my symptoms would be much different (hyperthyrodism) but it appears i have high tsh that is not affecting my t4 or t3 either way. so my question is why do i feel so terrible, what could be causing this, and what diagnostics should i ask for next? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!! Thank you

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Also HR has been in the low 50's which is abnormal for me, as I do not do cardio on a regular basis. All other VS are WNL for me with baseline BP always being low.

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So it appears that this is considered subclinical hypothyroidism, I'm being worked up for hashimotos. I was started on 100mcg of levothyroxine. Since starting the medication I've had in increasing pressure in my throat till this morning when I decided not to take it and just eat yo find out I was having difficulty swallowing. I'm wondering if its the levothyroxine and if so what is the alternative medications??

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Amber, I have lived with these same symptoms since I was 13 years old and I am now over 60. The important thing is to heal your leaky gut (google the symptoms), stay away from all forms of processed foods, especially gluten found in breads and cakes etc., eat a vegetarian diet - rice and potatoes are gluten free so they are okay. No animal protein like processed meats, chicken, red meat or fish at least until your gut heals. My TSH has always been high with antibodies, yet my T4 and T3 were normal. Over 52 years this remains the same - do not panic. Just clean up your diet - no icecream, or too much cheese. I take a little milk in my coffee but that is all. If you need more info let me know. I know how upsetting this disease can be, especially if you are first diagnosed. All the best.

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Hi! I was put on thyroid meds when my TSH was slightly out of range. 41.9 seems extremely high when a normal range is 2-4. However, there could be a number of factors contributing to those high levels. I did read you should be tested for Free T3 and T4 as this will give you a more accurate reading. Do you know if you were tested for free or total?

Honestly, your best bet would be to speak with an endocrinologist and go from there. Know that they might try to prescribe you medication. If you're not comfortable with that, do more research. You are your best advocate!

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So it turns out that my doctor did only test my total t4 and total t3 which I guess the free t3 and t4 would have been low since the total was low normal. I was having a reaction to the synthroid and was placed on a medication called tirosint which is a gelatin capsule and I haven't had any side effects of it. Also the suggestion of cleaning up my gut, I'm definitely taken that into consideration sincd I've had an increase in intestinal gas that cannot be relieved by OTC meds. I actually found a very good article about hashimotos and intestinal issues, its called "Using enzymes to overcome hashimotos" and the website is called after 6 weeks on tirosint my doctor is going to check my free t3 t4 TSH and antibodies to see if I have hashimotos but she does say I have hypothyroidism. Also any advice on digestive enzymes or probiotics that help would be appreciated I have no idea where to start also any advice on anything related is greatly appreciated. Thank you all very much.