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No diagnosis, looking for help!

From: Meekits - 2 years 37 weeks ago

Hello people of the web. I have been sick for the past month now with no diagnosis. My doctor has ordered an EKG, an MRI, a CT, a halycon(portable ekg?), various blood tests, and urine tests. He says there's nothing out of the ordinary except a high prolactin level. I go to see a neurologist on Wednesday. I am wondering if anyone here has experienced these symptoms though.

They occur randomly throughout the day, but they are usually worse at night:

dizziness - upon standing
headache - behind the nose/eyes
fatigue - from 7 to 8 hours to 12+ hours AND a nap
shortness of breath - while exercising
joint pain
loss of appetite - not loss of desire to eat
loss of feeling full - getting acid reflux from over eating
abdominal pain - usually after eating
visual changes - harder time focusing
nausea - when dizzy
heart palpitations - quit drinking caffeine and HP symptoms lessened in severity (did not stop)
no sex drive
muscle weakness
limbs tingling and numb
pressure/ringing in ears
brain fog
feeling cold

Other odd things:

low temp (self measured) averaging 97.3 over 3 days
feet itched - treated for athlete's foot, doc confirmed not athlete's foot
toenails flaky
when I get exhausted it's extreme, like I could fall asleep standing
had a small bowel obstruction in December with no known cause
was told I had high cholesterol last year

Before all of this happened I was a happy healthy young adult. My doctor is trying to tell me that it is anxiety. Though I feel anxious while thinking of all of this, I am not normally an anxious person. If anyone could help me out by taking a look at this list and giving me some feedback I'd appreciate it!

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