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Posted in: Hyperthyroidism.


From: 2Shay - 2 years 31 weeks ago

I'm 51 years old I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism approximately 14 years ago normal TSH is 5 mine was 47.9 doctors were baffled on how I was walking around, my endocrinologist immediately placed me on synthroid and my symptoms began to improve... well here I am 14 years later with a hysterectomy 10 years ago, back to square one... levels are 47.9 I was on levotheroxin (generic synthroid) also developed serious stomach/digestive issues, excessive weight gain, along with other issues.... needless to say I'm relieved to know my body so well that I knew the biggest culprit was in fact my thyroid..... I'm very excited to get back to the vibrant ME that I've missed so very much, almost as much as my poor husband has missed HER..... I'm anxious to hear your stories and how you cope with this annoying illness..... I feel like a frump, my parents are 78 years old and have more energy then me, that's depressing enough in itself...... PLEASE stay away from generic hypothyroidism medications, if your worried about your insurance not covering specific medicine all your doctor has to do is write the script stating symptoms must be treated with non generic medication, worked for me.....
Thanks for listening!

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