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Could this be thyroid

From: KAY1980 - 5 years 24 weeks ago

Hi all

New to this but seriously going out of my mind.

Briefly it feels like I am swallowing a down something all the time, the best way I can describe is thick skin, also my throat (by my voicebox) & thyroid cartledge and all the way down seems sore when I move it with my throat if that makes sense? My throat also feels constricted.

Have been to the GP about 13 times, have had a chest x-ray, bloods, scope down throat & all has been normal. My GP says I have Silent reflux and put me on Omeprazole however this feeling is driving me crazy! I have stinging every now and then by my voicebox or my thyroid as I do not know how to differentiate between the location of either, sometimes it feels like there is a piece of skin dangling in my throat which I need to swallow all the time.

When I eat food or drink liquids it feels normal. My anxiety is leading to the fact now where I thought I had lung cancer then throat cancer & now convinced I have esophageal cancer!

Any advise would be appreciated.

p.s. My GP will not refer me to any specialist as she says I have anxiety!

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