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High TSH

From: idendocrine - 5 years 34 weeks ago


I'd like to hear your insights about my results. See below

TSH = 5.4 to 5.7
T4 = 18-19
T3 = High

My daily symptoms are overall tiredness and 'brain fog', memory problems, and mild diarrhea.

Thank you in advance :)

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This sounds like hypothyroidism, but I am not a doctor, just a hyperthyroidism patient (15 yrs). I do know that whether or not it's out of range depends on the stated "normal" range that a lab uses. Check the lab results yourself. I have been tracking my results for the past several years, since many doctors tend to down play the importance of the results if they are close to the upper or lower limits. The thing is, each patient is different. Some may not get symptoms until they are well out of range, while others, like myself unfortunately, get symptomatic when we are even close. In my case of course, hyperthyroidism is more complicated, and if you are hypothyroid, it will be easy for a specialist to get it under control if you see him or her regularly.

In any event, I assume you are not seeing an Endocrinologist, since you are asking for input as to the meaning, so I suggest getting an appointment right away with a specialist. There is no substitute for an Endocrinologist if you are hypothyroid or hyperthyroid, just the same as if you were diabetic. Take copies of any blood, other thyroid tests. He will be able to determine exactly what's up. And yes, your symptoms can absolutely be caused by this, and perhaps other symptoms that you have attributed to something else.

Good luck, and hang in there!

PS: If you want to find out if a doctor is board certified for thyroid dysfunction go to If you have trouble finding a board certified endo doctor, try.


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Thank you Bengal-Mama for support. I was consulted by a an Endocrinologist and she has prescribed me 100mg thyroid hormone per day. I will return to this forum to share my experiences later.

Is this good advice?

Yeah, you! I knew with the right doc, you'd get the right treatment. Be sure to follow up with the new doc regularly, even after your symptoms disappear. This won't cripple your lifestyle as long as you're under good care.