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Heat Intolerance

From: trhill1127 - 3 years 31 weeks ago

I had a total thyroidectomy in March 2001 or 2002 due to benign thyroid nodules that were growing inward, resulting in occasional choking on food. I had the total removal confirmed by ultrasound several years ago when I started having even more problems. My thyroid function has never been well managed since its removal. I have been treated by PCPs, Endocrinologist, OB-GYN specializing in hormone functions, and none seem to get it quite right. I gained 30 pounds in a year after my thyroidectomy (I was either 41 or 42 at the time). I was never able to get rid of that weight.

I had a Mirena IUD placed in my uterus at the age of 49 because of heavy menstrual cycles that caused severe iron deficiency anemia. I wore it for the full 5 years and stopped having periods a year into wearing it. When I had it removed at the age of 54, I had minor bleeding, for a couple of months (a few days each month) and then nothing, that has been 16 months ago. My lab tests a few months ago showed me in early stages of menopause.

I have never had typical hot flashes. In the past year I have developed a heat tolerance that has worsened over time. If I am in heat and/or humidity for any amount of time I sweat profusely from my head and all over my torso. I recently was on a mission trip in Chattanooga, spending mornings at a nature preserve clearing pathways of brush and invasive growth. The temperatures were in the 90s with heat indices of over 100. I was the only one in my group who after 3 hours looked liked I stepped out of a shower with my hair soaked and my shirt soaked to where you could wring it out. I fear going outside anymore because I know I will get a headache, become weak, dizzy and nauseated.

I also have terrible year round allergies for which I receive three allergy shots every other week for now, but was weekly and will be monthly soon. I take Allegra and Singular daily and use a codeine cough medicine to manage my cough that interrupts my sleep, all of which I know can cause heat intolerance.

I gained 50 pounds in the past year along with my heat intolerance that have been incredibly difficult to take off, no matter what I try. I also have a sleep disorder now that results in a reduction of my oxygen levels, not a full stopping of my breathing, but requires cpap, but I still wake up tired. I use too much caffeine for daytime wakefulness which can also contribute to my heat intolerance, but I have been sick and today am not drinking caffeine, only water. Yet my temperature, when taken with a new reliable tympanic thermometer is 97.9.

I recently contracted a mosquito borne illness that caused all over joint aches, headache, diffuse rash and fatigue like nothing else I've experienced. The only symptom I didn't have was a fever, but is likely because my WBCs were 2.7 on a scale with a low end range of 4. I had a superimposed bacterial infection causing a croopie cough.

I feel like my entire hormonal and thermostat system is out of whack and I do not know what to do about it. I really need some help.

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