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Will I be out on meds or not?

From: Cgv - 6 years 13 weeks ago

So I have hyperthyroidism, tsh level is low by .10 but t4 and t3 levels are fine. I had a thyroid scan and radioactive iodine test, my doctor said they were both normal. I also had a thyroid ultrasound and according to my doc. that was normal too. So if they are normal why am I feeling so tired and losing weight and why is my tsh off? Will I be put on medicine? if so what kind could it be since my hyperthyroidism isn't so severe! Btw when I was first diagnosed back in 2013 the endo. told me to just take vitamin d3 but eventually I stopped bc I thought it was kind of odd to take vitamin d3 for hyper, should I start that again?

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