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Posted in: Hyperthyroidism.

Hello- Im new here and could use some advice- Am currently unemployed so can't really afford to go to endo. Last summer, started noticing slight palpitations when walking my dog- then in October, had palps again while walking him followed by a severe panic attack- had to go to hospital- 5 yrs ago, I was diagnosed "borderline" hyperthyroid when they found a nodule- Had blood tests 7 months ago and my doc says they're still in normal ranges- meanwhile, Im having a lot of hyper symptoms- weight loss, light hand trembling, anxiety, palpitations of and on, shortness of breath, difficulty sleeping. I tried to ask my doc if I should get new blood tests done since last ones were 7 months ago-but he said wasnt necessary- I've had chest xray, MRI, tested for Lymes-all normal. Im on anxiety meds, but am still convinced its hyperthyroidism. Anyone have any advice?

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