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Posted in: Hyperthyroidism.

Very confused thyroid patient!!!

From: pandkmommyof2 - 3 years 40 weeks ago

Ok anyone I need help. I have been diagnosed with a overactive thyroid. I have taken the only two medicines available: Methmazole and PTU. Both only made things worse. I am currently have terribly mood swings and life-affecting diarrhea (meaning every time I eat). My local doc says he won't treat these anymore cuz my thyroid doc needs to treat me. But I am really confused because although I have every overactive symptom I do not have the weight loss. I actually have weight gain.The meds make it worse. Can I solve this with all natural ingredients? What more are my options? Is the radiation pill bad? Will my symptoms get worse if I go untreated? I have asked my doctor all of this but he has been little to no help. So please any help is extremely appreciated! Thank you!!!

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I was just recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. My doc says it is due to a nodule that I have in my thyroid. Even though it is hyperthyroidism, I more so have the symptoms of hypothyroidism. I asked my doc about this and she said it IS possible to have the opposite effect.
My cousin had the radioactive iodine treatment. She says it worked great for 5 years--no medication was necessary. However, she has just recently been put on a low dose of meds to her recent changes in lab results.

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