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Thyroid levels and multinodule goiter

From: burbanek - 8 years 41 weeks ago

I was diagnosed with multinodule goiter and a cystic lesion.
My doctor didn't say I was hyperthyroid but the tsh was out of range on the blood test. It was .39 and the level was .40 on the test. My t3 and t4 are closer to the high levels on the test. I think I might have hyperthyriodism because I have some of the symptoms. I am cold most of the type but I am having hot flashes, night sweats, missed menstrual, body aches, anxiety, depression, paranoid sometimes.
Has anyone experience this and can give me some information.

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I would research parathyroid. You will get an amazing education regarding your thyroid and your parathyroid (you have many symptoms of hyperparathyroidism!).

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