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Posted in: Hyperthyroidism.


From: notinahurry12 - 3 years 47 weeks ago

I was just diagnosed with Graves Disease. Everything I have read so far has been negative. I'm already a big girl. I'm already tired all the time. My eyes already hurt. I am hot and sweaty all the time. I don’t sleep unless I take something to knock me out and even then it is a fitful sleep
What I have read so far mainly states, “GET USED TO IT. It will only get worse after they start treating you for it”.
Has anyone had a good experience once they sought treatment? Holy crap, what I have read so far just makes me want to shoot myself.

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My cousin has Grave's Disease. She also suffered from the same symptoms as you. She had the radioactive iodine treatment and she said it worked great. She didn't need any medications for the past five years. She was just recently put on a low dose due to the recent changes in her lab results.
I hope this helps!

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