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very Coarse,dry, very slow growing hair, eyebrow thinning, fatigue

From: saintsfan92344 - 4 years 11 weeks ago

Those are the changes that started about 1.5 yrs ago, Ive lost over half the the hair on my head and what is there is kind of thick and brittle, very dry and seems tho grow to 1/2 inch and fall out or break off, I can literally cut my hair and 2 days later its actually shorter in spots. even my eyebrows are kind of coarse and the outer half has thinned out a lot. I also suffer from fatigue and bouts of depression. Ive tried vitamins and supplements, including hair vitamins but they do nothing at all. everything I read screams hypothyroid but my tests say otherwise.
All my blood tests were normal, Im not deficient on anything. My thyroid tested in the low middle range, I don't remember the number sorry, no hashimotos, testosterone was great for my age 46, My dr. did put me on a low dose of levothyroxine 25mg which I took for a month but had a endo apt so I got off 3 weeks before so she could see my actual levels which once again everything was fine.. thing is I felt so good on the meds, my energy levels jumped up, no depression and about a month after I stopped I noticed I had a spurt of hair growth but then went back to falling out..
Has anyone experienced these symptoms? I just started taking the med again this morning and am taking half dose for a few days, I was real moody for the 1st week I took it

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Sounds exactly what I went through and my MD wouldn't test anything but TSH so went to a naturopath and she sent me for a full thyroid panel: TSH, free T3 and T4 etc. came back indicating it was def hypothyroidism. Initially, the MD put me on 25 mcg of Synthroid (aka levothyroxine) but my symptoms got worse so......the naturopath put me on a nat thyroid med and I've done really well on it. Last two thyroid panels had good numbers. Going for another in the next week or so.
I suggest you read " Stop the Thyroid Madness". Lots of good info which will help you immensely. Good luck!


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I took the free t4 and t3 plus tsh and the thyroid antibodies test, but all my levels were after being off my thyroid med for only 2 weeks, I recently read that the medicine stays in your system up to 6 weeks, so now Im thinking the results may have been a little higher than normal.. I found my result
TSH 2.35
free t4 1.2
free t3 3.6
antibodies 1IU/ml
those results put me right in the mid ranges but I have to say when I take the levothyroxine I have so much more energy after a few days and don't feel as down,

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I had the test done today and will find out early next week what the results are. I find my energy level improves when I take an adrenal tincture which also supports the thyroid as does selenium.


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I haven't responded to this in a while, I found out my reverse T3 or RT3 as it is also called was high, I had to pay for the blood test out of my pocket because my Drs were clueless

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