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Weight gain....weight loss!

From: Berni1976 - 7 years 3 weeks ago

Hi all,

New to the site but thought I'd post and see if there are similar stories out there!

My background:
I was diagnosed, as being "Hyperthyroid" 2 years and 10 months ago, being told I was "quite ill" by the doctor! (I'm in the UK!) I was between 9 and 9 and half stone for years (126-135lbs), no matter what I ate (I'm 5'5 btw). I worked as a retail manager and was active 9-10 hours pretty much every day of the week.
When I was diagnosed, I was 10 stone and sooo lethargic, with palpitations and depression :( I had switched to a desk job 2 years earlier but continued to eat similarly as I had.
Dr put me on Carbimazole and that lasted 18 months. Normal TSH, T3 etc, levels after that so medication ceased. Several "normal" blood tests later.... I continued to gain weight!!
I was weighed at the family planning clinic 3 months ago, I was then 11 stone (154 lbs). Needless to say, I was HORRIFIED!
I started a diet and exercise program July 2nd. I weighed in yesterday and I now weigh 9 stone 8 lbs!! :)
I get married in Cuba, later in September :)
My worry is, I have lost weight quite quickly, I'm happy....but, I'm worried that with the (mostly) clean eating and exercise, I'm perhaps going back...I know I should go get my bloods done, but can't seem to face that before we fly! I know my health is more important, but that kinda news would knock me, and not in a good way!!

My big question is....anyone else experienced this??

Berni :)

PS. Not sure if it's pertinent, but I have also had surgery in my groin March this year for Hidradenitis Suppurativa which has been linked to being an autoimmune disease. (Mild case in groin and butt region, intermittent since 2008)

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