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Posted in: Hyperthyroidism.

Post RAI treatment

From: eugette - 12 years 1 week ago

About 2 years ago I had RAI,one year after my thyroid test began to lower so the Dr's did not put me on any med.Presently Ihad my TSH test done and I was told that I am still hyper.Is this possible I do not want to do RAI again.

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Yes it is possible that when you had the orginial RAI they did not give you enough to kill the thyroid. I had this done in 2004 after suffering from Graves disease. Now instead of Graves I have hypothroid. No fun either. I blossom from a 125lb woman to 200 lbs woman and can not lose the weight. Also if over weight problems are inyour family think again about RAI. If the thyroid is killed you have no metabolism except from synthroid. Believe me there are so many factor that with throw your thyroid off like just the weather, your enivorment, stress. At least if you have some thyroid you may be able to control your metablism better.
Also rethink you life style. I left the area I was living in and relocated with less stress and that was a major factor in my Graves disease. So think about it. Good Luck