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Should I be concerned?

From: concerned mom - 7 years 14 weeks ago

My son is 18 and I am just now coming to the conclusion he could have hyperthyroid disease. He has been an extremely anxious kid his whole life, trouble focusing, says he can't shut his mind off, feels paranoid that people are talking about him much of the time, has an enormous appetite but never gains weight, sweats profusely even when not doing anything, occasional heart racing, frequent bowel movements, difficulty breathing (especially through his nose), thick and scalloped tongue, also he choked easily when he was young and had "croup" symptoms requiring ER visits multiple different times up to the age 8. When he was little we saw multiple different doctors for possible answers ranging from ear, nose, throat doctors, allergist, gastroenterology, and pulmonology and nothing real significant ever surfaced after many different tests. Multiple different medications were tried and nothing ever helped significantly enough to continue taking it. He is now graduated from high school and is asking if he can get on a medication to help his anxiety, but I am wondering if this is a hyperthyroid issue, would the medications for it alleviate some or all of his symptoms?

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