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Thyroid Nodules

From: pgraef - 11 years 43 weeks ago

I had an ultrasound that found a multinodular goiter with a dominant nodule. It says complex and 1.8cm. From researching, it looks like I will need a FNA. Can anyone recommend someone good in or near Orlando Florida for something like this. Any support or comments welcome! I have had a feeling of fullness on the sides of my neck for about a year, and have tried to find out what it was. Also have sore throat and hoarseness, esp in morning. Fatigue, some other odd symptoms.

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I have been hypothyroid for years and all of a sudden (since January) my neck started hurting, my throat was killing me and now 6+ months later my ultrasound shows 2 nodules but the one on the right is 1.3 cm. I'm freaking out!!! I really dont know what this means except I know that they are rushing to do a FNA with biopsy. The fullness of my neck is ridiculous - I can barely speak above a whisper at times it hurts so bad. The fatigue - might as well be pregnant I'm so tired. Your MD should be able to refer you to someone. Please let me know how it turns out for you. Good luck

Is this good advice?

I too have been diagnosed with 2 nodlues. I go to see the surgeon Monday. I did not have the FN Biopsy, and don't know if that was the right decision. The ultrasound didn't determine if it was cancer or benigh. Since I told the endocranoloist that I wanted the tumors removed, he felt that the biopsy was a risk I didn't need to take. I am now not sure. The biopsy is not 100% accurate. If you get it done be sure to get and untrasound guided one with the interventional radiologists.
good luck in your decision.