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I am a person with hyperthyroidism all these years. Recently i've been dignosed with tsh too low. I also have lumbar spine and muscle backpain. But i've done the "lock the facets injection" on 5th March 2014. My period is late and i have gastric wind bloated too after that. Now my physician told me to stop consuming thyroid medicine ( Propyl ) for a week ( 31 March - 7 April 2014 ) as 7 April i'll be seeing both doctors ( physician who handle my thyroid case and orthopedic for the lumbar spine ). I'll also be doing blood test for thyroid and physio too. I'm a person who worries alot and i also need help to stop worrying and start living. I'm a housewife with no kids and my husband is working. He told me that if i want to work, my health have to be in good condition then i can start working. What do u guys think?

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