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Posted in: Hyperthyroidism.

unsure about all this???

From: sandradee - 9 years 16 weeks ago

Hello I was just wanting to know if someone can help me understand what exactly hyperthyroidism is?? I am all confused and im trying to help my husband understand what it all is.....or means I should say.... how soes a person get it and what is the best treatment for it and will it ever go away??

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Hiya, In response it could be due to any number of factors but it is cause by the thyoid gland in your throat making too much or too little of the thyoid hormone. It is easily controlled with medication. To be honest in my case it did take a little while for it to kick in and start doing it's job. It's important to have regular blood tests and report to your doctor if your still not feeling better as this is usually an indication of the wrong balance of medication which can be altered to suit. After a while you start to accept that you have this condition . It can be hard sometimes ,but you get on with life. No it doesnt go away. I do hope my response has helped you
Take care

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Good morning,
To help you better understand about your thyroid ,I would suggest you read about it ,and also,there are several different options for you regarding what to do about your thyroid.

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This site has some good information. click on the link at the bottom of the page for hypothyroidism.

Unfortunately, I don't think scientists really know the cause of it, in most cases its an autoimmune response, where the body starts attacking the thyroid gland for some reason making it produce less thyroid hormone that its supposed to. It will be with your husband for the rest of his life, but its easy to treat by taking a pill once a day. Synthroid or levoxyl are the two big medications. It has virtually no side effects. All you are doing is putting the thyroid into your body via pill as opposed being made by your thyroid gland. I have been on it for 20+ years and don't think twice about it now. I am perfectly normal.

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Unfortunately it never goes away however you can lead a normal life by following all of the advice above. Gravesgrandma is right, usually you can be treated with an iodine treatment or pill. I was diagnosed over 12 years ago and for the most part I am leading a normal life. It is important to educate yourself as much as possible and your loved ones. Pay close attention to your body and the signals it will send you. If I had to give you any advice I would say watch out for the depression and irritability....that is the worst part:/
Have you actually been diagnosed? Or are you just interested in learning more about it? Just curious...

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